Maria Lauber - Below Firs

Maria Lauber

Under Tane

Under Tane, under Buehe
gahn ig trurig still für mig,
merken entlig, wär ig suehe
un erwarte: numen dig.

Uf em Märit, vur em Garte
han i menga scho la stah,
dier elinzig wele warte,
u du fragscht mer nüt derna.

Ds Bächi spritzt i wiße Fäle,
gumpet dür e Wald embrab,
wischt mit ale sine Wäle
mier net ds Uugewasser ab.

Below Firs

Below firs, below beech
I walk sad and silent and alone
know finally whom I seeking
and wait for: only you.

In the market, in front of the garden
I let many a one stay put
wanted to wait only for you
and you don't care for me.

The brook splashes in white cascades
jumps down through the forest
washes with all its waves
not my tears from my face.