Great Expectations IV

Make your Peace with God!

Two weeks of fever had weakened me, but feeling safe made me bold, and when Man followed me to piss in the dark, I asked him, "Should we fuck?"

"Of a young dromedary Excellency has made the purchase…" Man changed his voice into a grinning murmur, "Do you need riding lessons? Where is your baton?"

In the dark, I guided Man's hand to it. He put up a token fight to defend his ass against an invited intruder – its lawful owner! When I had him face down on the ground, he untied himself the string of his wide trousers, pulled them down and mooed:

I'm your cow!

The ground was painfully hard and stony under my knees. From the encampment came tired voices of men and boys about to fall asleep. Cicadas called their mates in the few scraggy trees around the campsite. The hot night air caressed our faces. Above us, the Milky Way smeared across the starry night sky like the slimy track of a giant snail over a black dome pierced by billions of lighted pinholes.

Struggling out of his trousers, Man prompted me bluntly, "Excellency must fuck us!"

Did Man expect me simply to open my trousers and dry hump him? He lifted his shirt off his head, hastily opened the string of my trousers behind his back, and shoving them down, repeated, "Quickly, fuck us!"

Would One Ruffian shoot me after I had fucked Man? I nearly tore my shirt trying to pull it off my head without opening its buttons.

Man's sweat-wet back reflected the light of the moon. I kissed his neck; smooth and cool strands of Man's hair that smelled of heat and hair oil tickled my nose. When my tongue touched his ears, Man gasped, thrust his butt against my cock, and ground his ass into my groin to remind me that he needed to get fucked. What reminder did I need? My cock was painfully hard.

When my fingers found his nipples, he began to tremble. His body was as lean and muscular as the skinned carcass of a leopard. His solid thighs led my hands inwards to his hard cock and hairy balls. I wanted so badly to fuck him that when my cock touched by chance his sweaty ass, I nearly came.

I wrestled Man onto his back and pinned down his arms. His teeth and his eyes shone white in the moonlight. His breath smelled of the anise seeds he had been chewing. I kissed his parched lips; he sucked my tongue into his warm and moist mouth. My balls were moving, turning and pulling up; my heart was pounding. Finally, Man was mine.

Holding Man down, I kicked my trousers of my feet. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen. I kissed, licked and bit his virgin nipples. He was breathing hard; under his sweat-wet skin, his muscles were jerking, his heart beating. Following his slender loins downwards, my tongue dug into his navel, then explored the maddening softness of his trembling abdomen. When my lips touched the hairy base of his hard cock, Man bucked violently, pulled me up, kissed me aggressively, and whispered, "Excellency must fuck us!"

I lifted Man's head towards my cock. He understood, "Now, Excellency will enjoy!"

Man pushed me down to recline on the ground. Above me, his shoulders drew a dark square against the starred night sky. He pulled my legs onto his thighs. I drew his hand to my lips, kissed and licked his salty fingers. He bent over to tongue my cock with slow sensual strokes, letting his cool spit drip onto my lower belly. He licked my balls and then sucked them into his mouth. Did he really believe that he belonged to me for good?

Leaving my balls, Man let my cock enter his mouth. He moved his head up and down with a twist that forced my cock to slip in and out of his throat, sheathing my cock in a silky sleeve of moisture while his lips massaged the stem.

Lust and pain jerked my pelvis to and from Man's sucking mouth. I closed my eyes. No boy had ever sucked me like this. Dancing red dots in front of my eyes became glowing dark red globules. Man had been right when he said, "Among the devotees of love we shine; Excellency will notice!"

I had to fuck Man! I pulled his head from my cock and kissed him. His wet, sandy tongue tasted of my cock. I spread my shirt on the stony ground, laid him onto his back and pushed up his legs.

Man's white teeth revealed his grin. He spat into his hand, lubricated and guided my cock into his asshole. When I forced his tight sphincter, Man whined from pleasure, "Aye Sir!"

If only I could inject my love into Man's heart! Moaning, "Fuck us!", he lifted his ass and pulled my thighs closer, to make me fuck him deeper. The smell of his hot cock and the shitty smell of assfucking mingled with that of our sweat. To masturbate him while I pushed into the hottest, tightest crevice of his moist ass, I filled my hand with spit, but when I touched his cock, his body jerked around as if hit by an electric shock. He tore my hand from his cock, moaned, "Nay Sir!" and spurted onto my hand and his heaving stomach.

Shiny white, Man's cum dripped from his chin. His mouth was open; his head rolled from side to side, showing now his teeth, now his eyes. His body thrashed around out of control. I licked my hand: His creamy cum smelled of wet jasmine buds and tasted rancid and hot like… young man cum.

I scooped up more of Man's fragrant cum and let him lick it off my left hand while my right massaged his swollen cock. Breathing in gasps, he tried to wrench my hand from his cock, and begged, groaning as in mortal pain, "Quickly, enjoy!"

Salty sweat ran from my upper lip into my mouth. My balls were aching. Screwing my ass tight, I tried to keep myself from coming while Man's ass pumped my cock with spontaneous spasms towards orgasm. I wanted Man to come a second time before I came, but how much longer could I hold back?

Opening my eyes to cool off, I heard the sound of stones moving. Was it a snake? My mouth went dry. Had one of the camels gone astray? I sensed approaching steps and turned my head. In the light of the full moon, I discerned One Ruffian's white robe and the polished barrel of his carbine.

Why didn't One Ruffian let us fuck in peace? I heard him cock the gun. Pushing the barrel of his gun against my temple, in the tired voice of his endless quarrels with Man, One Ruffian said:

Make Your Peace With God!