Love Secrets from the lobby of the Tarntawan Place Hotel

Love Secrets from the lobby of the Tarntawan Place Hotel


Are you desperately looking for a boy?

An ass as beautiful but more sexy than Leonardo's Mona Lisa, dark faithful eyes and the whitest of Colgate smiles, plus lips so sensual that you'd rather begin missing meals than stop kissing them? Age barely legal, smooth brown skin, a waist you can girdle with your two hands, and a little brother so big the boy needs a cricket bag to bring him along? Honest, hard working, clean, intelligent, polite, and fun? A modest shopper in Central Store but a beast in bed, sucking like a Dairy Master and coming like a plastic milk bottle run over by a lorry?

Lucky You!

Half the world population is under sixteen and short of cash. Why canvass your ass off to become president of the USA and get sucked by a faithless egghead? Just throw your credit cards into the air and take your pick from among the ringworm infested street urchins fighting for them!

However, you might prefer a more systematic approach:

The Way of the Farang

1        Write out a clear statement of what you desire most: The one thing or circumstance which, after you attain it, would in your opinion make you successful:

Twenty eighteen-something boys watching TV in my suite, hard-up to keep their hard-ons under control while they wait for me to feel in the mood for another round of no-holes-spared sex.

2        Write out a clear outline of the plan by which you intend to attain this objective:

Calling Screw Boy Bar at (01) 819-9153 or (01) 695-0726!

3        Clearly state what you intend to give in return:

Baht 25'000 to be charged to my [i.e. your] credit card.

4        Set a definite time limit within which you intend to acquire the object of your definite purpose:

Within thirty minutes.

5        Memorize what you have written and repeat it several times. End by expressing gratitude for having received that for which your plan calls:

Thank you for coming all over my new Louis Vuitton flip-flops!

Doesn't look like a cheap shortcut to easy sex though. Money is Energy! If right now, less than twenty eighteen-something boys are watching TV in your suite, hard-up to keep their hard-ons under control while they wait for you to feel in the mood for another round of no-holes-spared sex, according to The Way of the Farang it's because your net worth is not worth it. Read on!

The Thai Way

The Thai believe that the world is fair. If money-wise, love-wise and sex-wise, things could be better for you, it's your fault, and only you can change it! Be generous (to become rich enough), smile (to be smiled at), consider other people's feelings (to have your feelings considered), make others happy (to be made happy), look smart (to have smart friends). Feed the poor (to be well fed), clothe the naked (to be well dressed)… Jesus knew how to get great friends! Without money, car, credit card, designer clothes, or posh bachelor's pad and with at best a rumor of a high-placed Relative, he had a dozen young men smart enough to get painted by the most glamorous artists in history vying for his attentions.

If right now, less than twenty eighteen-something boys are watching TV in your suite, hard-up to keep their hard-ons under control while they wait for you to feel in the mood for another round of no-holes-spared sex, according to The Thai Way it's because you don't deserve it. Read on!

The Secret Formula

I guess what you're after is my Secret Formula. That your guy-of-the-night smiled at my American Express Centurion complimentary polo shirt instead of you in the lobby of the Tarntawan Place was just business savvy. If you treat a rent boy like a human being and appreciate when he is delivering what you pay for, he'll give you in the first night more love than most lovers will give you after several years per year, and at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for True Love read "Love Secrets from the Lobby of the Tarntawan Place – Part Two"!


Question: This morning, you had breakfast with a handsome young man who looks like a popular Thai TV personality…

Answer: He made fun of me because I devoured a whole pineapple for breakfast.

Question: Where did you pick him up?

Answer: Do you know the Milk Bar? We left at the same time. It was pouring, the street was flooded, and no taxi around…

Jet: "Can I invite you to share my umbrella? Where are you going?"

I: "Thank you! Do you know the Tarntawan Place?"

Jet: "Are you staying alone?"

Answer (continued): When we arrived in the hotel, Jet's clothes were so wet I had to invite him up to my suite.

Question: Did you have sex?

Answer: I called housekeeping to have his clothes ironed, and we ordered the mushroom soup…

Question: He picked up you?

Answer: It was my first night in Bangkok…

Question: What did he do to deserve you?

The following warning applies: There is no such thing as a free lunch.


Amor in sneakers sells bows and arrows

You discover the boy of your dreams in the sports department of Central Store…

Lesson # 1: Show the boy that you're the right man for him…

Your country club style of dressing, elder statesman attitude, calm smile, perfect self-control and soft talking signal the boy that you're a person of consequence, worth to be associated with. How charmingly he blushes when you hand him your gold-embossed business card!

"What is your name, please?"

"Lek!" Did you hear the sexy overtones of 'Clothe me in Lacoste, carry me to your suite, and let me be beautiful for you!'?

"Please, how do you write it?" You hand Lek your Sony P800 mobile phone. He is visibly, boyishly proud that he knows to operate a phone he has been lusting for.

"And your phone number, please! When should I call you?" Lek's dark eyes are full of trust. He hopes you'll call! And he smells of talcum powder!

Lesson # 2: Tell Lek that he is the right boy for you…

You talk softly because you don't want the whole department to know that while Lek kneels on the floor lacing a pair of Nikes for you, his dreams are soaring 24'000 feet above sea level. His perfect haircut, the flawless color matching of his sneakers, three quarter cargo trousers and basketball shirt, and the relaxed way he accepts your interest tell you, 'From an Isan country boy who rode into Bangkok on – No, not a black water buffalo! – a non-A/C bus, I made it into Central Store. I'm not yet nineteen and already paying for my kid brothers' education. Offer me a fair deal, and I'll stir-fry my heart for you!'

"Do you know a nice Thai restaurant?" He smiles: He doesn't yet believe that what he likes could please you.

"Have you ever been to the Mango Tree?" Lek shakes his head. One meal there must cost more than he pays per month for the tiny, sticky room he shares with three Isan cousin brother friends.

"Would you let me invite you for dinner?" Lek doesn't look surprised… Why dress smart if not to get invited to smart restaurants?

"What time would be fine for you?" Lek hesitates before he pulls out his battered handy to check the time. "Eight o'clock?"

You don't forget to buy the Nike sneakers you were trying on – selling sneakers is Lek's lifeline!

Lesson # 3: Listen…

At dinner…

"Lek, please order what you like!" You can't believe your luck. Lek is sitting opposite you at a quiet upstairs table in the Mango Tree. His white Ralph Lauren Polo polo shirt – Is it genuine? A gift from a rich guy? – shows off his slim, muscular body.

"Lek, could you please order for me?" The white in his eyes, the dark brown purple of his lips, the perfect fade of his short haircut… In the shop, the supervisors cramped his style. Now, relaxed, he looks so attractive, you fear that you haven't enough to offer him.

"Nice shirt! You've got taste! Where do you come from?" A village east of Nong Khai. You didn't expect him to have finished secondary school with good marks. Below his menswear sales assistant city chic, you discover the country boy struggling to improve his family's lot with one pair of navy half pants, one white short sleeve shirt, a comb, and hard work.

"Do you like your job? How much do you earn?" Lek needs money: His salary is barely enough to survive, and he wants to help his family too.

Lesson # 4: If you're ready to foot the bill…

"Would you like to be my friend?" Lek expected you to ask, he means business. You get drunk on the sculpturing of his arms and shoulders, the sexy mounds of his nipples pushing through the fabric of his polo. Lek's head swarms with his dreams and friends' warnings, self-respect and the need to be loved, treacherous Thai gay kings and faithless Farang queens… You tell Lek about your business, condo and Mercedes Benz SLK 230.

Lek's slim fingers grip the job sticks. "What do you really want from me?" Not your age worries him, but whether for you eternal love will end at Don Muang.

"I need a friend I can love and take care of!"

Lek says, "I don't know, I don't know you!" He giggles politely, which means, 'What choice do I have? There are too many boys like me, why did you choose me?' He says aloud, "I'm not a prostitute!"

"Should we go shopping and dining together tomorrow?" You say 'we' because there is no 'we' in prostitution. "There is no hurry, take your time and decide for yourself."

"Lek, please call for the bill!" He checks the bill for you. Though you pay with your credit card, you show that you consider people's feelings by adding a generous cash tip for the waiter, giving Lek instant face.

"It's late, take a taxi!" When you say goodbye, you hand Lek a thousand Baht bill for the fare. He protests, "It's too much!"

He waves to you from the taxi. Does he know that he is carrying your heart with him? Do you feel the weight of his hopes on your shoulders?

Lesson # 5: Dining leads to shopping…

Again, you're surprised how good-looking Lek is, how well he dresses with the little money he earns. He takes you to Chatuchak weekend market… You drag him into City Gear and Domon: You both like shopping. You enjoy his happiness when you buy him what he didn't dare to ask for… and learn to say 'maybe later' and 'no' gracefully. How difficult not to buy only what you find sexy! The more money you spend for him, the more Lek feels like a prostitute, the more he wants to look like a young salary man in black pants and white shirt… If you go on forcing see-through thongs on him, he'll ask for a tie!

Shopping leads to more dining… leads to inviting Lek to your room. You don't rush him: To be seen entering a hotel with a Farang worries Lek more than having sex with you! That he is loaded with shopping bags doesn't help!

Lesson # 6: In the lobby of the Tarntawan Place…

You feel like Saturday Night disco dancing to the lift, but since the spectator bar stools are empty, you refrain from yodeling, 'Look, the most beautiful boy in Bangkok is at my [i.e. your] side!' Do you remember Lek's full name in case the charming receptionist would ask? (You don't and he doesn't.) The sexy security man keeps Lek's ID. Lek doesn't worry; it just means he is your guest. In the lift, your balls tighten. You look at Lek: Does he feel the same?

Lesson # 7: In your room…

Lek removes his shoes, and you imitate him. Why does Lek look so much better now that you're alone in a room with him?

You hand Lek the remote control, "Is it ok for you to watch TV while I have a shower?" Luckily, you bought yourself a Jim Thompson robe!

"Would you like to have a shower too? Would you like to put on these?" …stylish Jim Thompson shorts. You're very… Lek is slightly nervous: This is the casting couch! When he comes out of the shower, you tell him the truth, "You look beautiful! Please, I want you to be my friend!"

Lesson # 8: Act as if Lek and you would have been married for thirty years…

… and are about to go to sleep after a trying bridge party. You open the mini-bar: "What would you like to drink?" Lek selects a coke. You watch TV together. All of a sudden, you prefer Eddy Murphy in the Nutty Professor to your favorite live recording of Maria Callas in Norma. Is it because Lek is holding your hand? Why is Lek's phone ringing every time you're about to ask him, "Should we relax a bit on the bed?"

Lesson # 9: Surprise!

"Should I switch off the light?" The shy boy is the sexy boy! Though you're head over heels in love, you're not prepared for the beauty of Lek's body, the smoothness of his skin, the perfection of his butt! You want to show him that what you care for is his love and friendship, but he's nineteen and needs it more than you, and all of it up his tight little ass! Safe sex only!

Lesson # 10: Thais consider sex fun…

Lek likes sex, and already feels for you that mixture of need, thankfulness, respect, hope and desire Thais call 'love'. Soon you'll know what he likes, and that nothing you do in bed hurts Lek so much as one inconsiderate word or gesture in public. Who hopes to glue on a waterbed what he breaks in public, should marry a Merican!

Lesson # 11: After you come…

…you both have another shower before falling asleep. In bed again, you show Lek that you love him even more now that he let you have what Farangs flock to Thailand for. If Lek has to go home in the middle of the night, jump to Lesson 15!

Lesson # 12: In the morning…

First thing, you tell Lek, "You're beautiful!" Second, you tell him, "I like your eyes!", third, "I like your lips", fourth… You watch TV while he talks on the phone in Thai with a friend. You don't force your conversation on him because Lek needs time to adjust to the emotional, sexual, social and financial deal he made.

Lesson # 13: Ask Lek…

"Should I call room service or do you prefer to eat your breakfast in the restaurant?" Having read about Thai reticence, you don't touch Lek in front of the room service waiter, or in the lobby. Even the most desperate Bangkok street hustler hates to be touched in public. "Can't you wait, man?"

Lek is fortunate that you don't bury your face during breakfast behind the Bangkok Post, nor stare at him as if you would try to max views per dollar. However, what need was there to tell the American lesbian couple at the next couple of tables that when you rimmed Lek's ass – Why do you lick your lips? – Lek's cum hit the wall above and behind his head? Your indiscreet blabbering would have spelled disaster for your newfound love but for Lek talking on the phone, and turning his head and looking at the wall behind him together with everybody else in the lobby.

Lesson # 14: Invite Lek to spend a weekend…

A few days with you in Chiang Mai, Phuket or a similar domestic flight destination. He tells you that his next holiday is Her Majesty the Queen's birthday. He works more hours and more days per week than you guessed. His few free days, he spends sleeping or, twice a year, visiting his family up north. After confused negotiations, you agree on Friday evening to Sunday evening in Phuket. Because Lek isn't out, you book a room with two beds in a Thai four-star hotel.

In Phuket, Lek tries so hard to please you and to ignore your – to his Thai eyes – dirty, rude, egotist Western ways that he feels deeply hurt when you hint at that pissing all over the toilet seat isn't good form.

Luckily, this happens in private, while in public, you invite him to Phuket FantaSea, which, together with the photos you shoot of him in front of the stone elephants, delight Lek like a honeymoon trip to Paris.

Lesson # 15: Have a small gift ready!

When you say good-bye, you hand Lek enough folded thousand Baht bills, "to survive until we meet again…" in style.

"I'm not a prostitute."

"Please, take as much as you need!"

Lesson # 16: When you get the "I need money" call…

…email, or letter, you remain calm and reasonable: You don't want Lek to ask another Farang for the money to buy one by one his family's leased fields! Instead of bewailing that in a rural society, social relationships are economic relationships too, you thank your good luck that for Isan boys financial security ranks before youth and beauty!


Central Department Store Silom

In the afternoon, the third floor becomes so quiet; you've to go to the toilet and masturbate, just to hear the street noise for a while. You've sold nothing since noon…

When you come back, you notice a guy hovering round the % SALE % underwear rack. He looks about forty-five, a real bear with a sexy clipped beard and strong, hairy arms. From his barbecued suntan, you guess that he is Australian. He's fingering thongs size S: He must be gay.

"Can I help you, Sir?"

Lesson # 17: Smile…

"What would be my size?" Should you fetch him an Elephant Village flier from the rack near the cash register? You hand him your own size. He smiles, you say, "Would you like to try, Sir?"

"Too small, sorry!"

He smiles, you smile. He looks at a pair of see-through briefs. You notice his gold Rolex, a fat gold ring with initials on his right index… You pull out all the gay stuff for him…

"I'm too old…"

You decide to do some hard selling.

Lesson # 18: Smile…

Handing him camouflage briefs, by chance, you touch the hairy back of his hand, "You look sexy, Sir!"

You like slightly chubby men over forty. Your favorite sex fantasy is a threesome in a millennium silver Mercedes Benz limousine with a businessman in dark three-piece suit, white shirt, vest and underwear, powerful tie, black oxfords plus calf-length socks and his young bodyguard-driver who wears a dark navy uniform, tight shirt, very tight pants, black boots, and no underwear. Sad enough, the Australian on offer has no dark glasses to take off and give you that killer look which would transport you into his suite in the Bayoke Tower and onto a bed the size of Sanam Luang, and where is the sexy driver, whom you'll suck while the boss fucks you?

Lesson # 19: Smile…

Your co-worker brothers and sisters are giggling…

"Long time in Bangkok, Sir?"

"Today is my second day!"

"Do you want me to show you Bangkok, Sir?"

Suddenly his ink jetted Tarntawan Place business card is in your hand…

"Call you at seven o'clock, ok Sir?"

 Underwear, swimwear, socks, Nike Airs… He is buying… He pays with a VISA Gold Card: He must be rich. You carry his bags for him to the down elevator.

"You call tonight, promise?"

"Seven o'clock, Sir!"

Lesson # 20: Smile…

Your co-worker friend brothers and sisters are giggling… Almost four thousand baht! Today, you are number one. Should you call him? Pretending to put back into their box the Reeboks he tried, you look at his card, "Richard X. Neuhaus", "Richard" sounds like rich… The Tarntawan Place is an expensive gay hotel… You'd like to see his room, but what if a co-worker brother should see you entering? … If really, he is rich… "He must be thinking all Thai boys are prostitutes!"

You are not going to call, never. "I'm not a prostitute!"

Lesson # 21: In the Mango Tree…

By mid dinner, you know the blood pressure of his mother and what medication she takes… He loves a cook, called Jamie Oliver, who is gay too, he says. How big is his dick? Jamie is a bit fat, he says, but good-looking… Rich says his life is very empty and lonely… Why doesn't he tell his cook to have a shower and then fuck him? Thinking of Rich and Jamie having sex turns you on. You'd like Rich to fuck you.

He talks about cars he says "he drives"; are they his cars? You would sit in the left seat; he would joke about stick shifting and grab your little brother…  He says, he owns a condominium, is he living alone? His own company? Does he wear suits to work? He is a chartered accountant, he says, he studied economy, he says… You'd like him to pay quickly and take you to a short-term hotel. You just want to know how big his dick is. He must be thinking…

He starts talking about sex right in the restaurant. You're about to tell him, "I'm not a prostitute," but what if somebody should hear you, they'll make fun of you. You've got a hard-on. You tell yourself, "I'm not a prostitute!"

Because tomorrow is your free day, you say, "Tomorrow, I'll show you Bangkok, ok Sir?"

While the waiter is clearing the table, he [Rich] says, "Would you like to come to my hotel?"

You'd like to but how can he be so rude to ask you in front of the waiter? You answer for the waiter to hear, "I'm not a prostitute!"

Rich apologizes so sincerely, he nearly begins to cry. Maybe, Australia is just different. You check the bill for him. At least, he tips the waiter generously.

You give Rich your mobile number. When you get into the taxi, he hands you a thousand baht bill for the fare.

"Too much, Sir!"

"See you tomorrow, Ken!"

At night, you think about how ugly he looks, how stupid he is, how he embarrassed you in front of the waiter, but he has a nice, sexy, deep voice and hairy arms, you'd like to snuggle up in the security of his embrace… His own company, cars, a condo… You're really fed up to share a room with three other Isan guys – your friend brothers – who think farting is as funny as it gets.

Lesson # 22: Waiting for the bus…

You feel your balls churning… If only he would behave smarter… In the Central Silom toilets, every day some guy tries to pick you up, but rumors spread fast; you don't want anybody to know. Many guys said you're cute, but of course, if he has money…

There must be callboys looking much better than you do… expensive ones… There are five stars gay clubs for men like him…

Lesson # 23: In the Grand Palace…

Instead of looking at things worth looking at, he shoots pictures of you with his fancy digital camera. You feel uneasy; but at least compared to other tourists, he's dressed decently in tan chinos and a white linen short-arm shirt that shows off his gold Rolex (and his strong, hairy arms). Everybody, Thai and Farang, must be thinking you're his lover.

When you pay the taxi to the Chinese restaurant, he wants to force money on you. You say, "I still have money from yesterday, thank you!"

Lesson # 24: In Chinatown…

In the restaurant, he questions you about what school you finished, your family, your salary… Since you came to Bangkok two years ago, your life has been so difficult that at night you dream of a man, any man, to hold you in his arms and take care of your life. Your elder brother tells you to send home half your salary. How is it possible? You'd like to save some money and finish your school.

You want Rich to fuck you, but don't want him to think that he can buy you…

Lesson # 25: Shopping…

He invites you to go shopping with him at Siam Plaza. Inside, he asks you, "What should we buy for you?" You say nothing. Whatever you say, he'll think that is the price of having sex with you. Why does he think that just because you have no money, you're for sale? You say, "Thanks, I need nothing."

He buys you T-shirts, shorts and sexy underwear from Domon, very expensive black jeans and a shirt, both genuine CK, and is about to buy you the new CK perfume "Crave", when your phone rings. It's a co-worker sister from the shop. While you talk, he looks at your battered phone, which you repaired with sticky tape from the store. When you're finished, he says, "You need a new phone!" and drags you into the Sony shop. You say, "It is too expensive, I don't want it," but he buys you the very smart new Z600. You select the coral cover. The phone looks and feels so great, you can't believe it is yours, but he turns your joy into shame by talking so loud that the whole shop – staff and clients – must know how you pay for this phone. You force yourself to smile and say, "Thank you!"

In the taxi, you swear to yourself in your heart, "Never again!" Tomorrow, you'll go back to the Sony store and exchange it for a cheaper model. What will your friend brothers and co-worker brothers and sisters think if they catch you with a 15'900 baht phone? They know you have no money. Where can you hide the expensive clothes he bought for you?

In the lobby of the hotel, you feel like a person about to get shot – or fucked! When you hand the security man your ID, you read in his eyes, "What's wrong with you, younger brother? Can't you find another job?"

Lesson # 26: Suite 999…

Now, you'll have to let Rich do whatever he wants. You are so stupid! He orders drinks from room service. When the waiter knocks, you hide in the toilet. Why, why? You expect Rich to close the door, kiss you and open your fly, but he just pushes a gay porn DVD into the player, and then asks you, "Do you mind if I have a quick shower?"

The film is more than explicit. If you'll go on watching, you'll come by yourself and mess up your pants. You have to switch to MTV, get up, open a window and look down into Thanon Surawong. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Your drink is so sweet, you don't know whether it is alcoholic or not. The suite looks expensive: He must be rich. You'll like him to fuck you. You want to leave, but guess that the security will stop you. You are trapped with a painful hard-on.

When he comes back, he's wearing a thick terry robe, which lets you see his sexy, hairy, strong pectorals. He smells of a luxury men's body shampoo, is it Aramis? You say, "Can I have a shower too?"

Lesson # 27: Have a shower!

He leads you through his bedroom into his large bathroom with tub and shower cabin, hands you a towel and leaves you alone.

You're the biggest idiot in the world! You're having a shower in a gay hotel! You've become a regular prostitute. A gay Farang buys you a few gifts and next you're in his bathroom soaping your ass for him, what a shame! That he's waiting to fuck you gives you a hard-on. Just let him have a big dick and not stop until you've come twice!

After the shower, you tie a towel around your hips. What sex you had, were hurried affairs. He is waiting for you on the bed in the bedroom. You're glad he's still wearing the robe. You sit down on the edge of the bed and shake the water out of your ears.

He says, "You look very beautiful, I'd like to touch you…"

You want to say, "I'm not a prostitute!" but he has spent more than twenty thousand baht for you, and also, you want him to switch off the light and fuck you. You have to push down your little brother or it would lift the towel and show.

He says, "… but I don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with. I'd rather have you as a friend for a long time than have sex with you and never see you again."

"Should I switch off the light?"

Lesson # 28: In the dark…

You get on the bed, anticipating that he'll fuck you, anticipating that he'll kiss you with his bearded mouth, anticipating to touch his sexy, hairy body, anticipating to suck his [you hope, big] dick. Your hard-on is dripping pre-cum, but because Rich is older, you wait for him to make the first move.

"I'd like to kiss you, do you mind?"

While he is kissing you, your hands are in his fur. You have to touch his little brother too, which is much bigger than you expected: He is a real man.

He is kissing you, and not just your mouth, your nipples too, your navel, and then licks your balls and the base of your cock…

"May I suck you?"

His short beard is too rough…

"Careful, I'm about to come"

Lesson # 29: Sex is fun!

You want him to fuck you, but his mouth feels so good…

When he's back to French kissing, he pulls off to say with his sexy deep mature man voice, "I'd like to fuck you, do you like it?"

You turn onto your stomach and spread your legs.

He says, "Sorry, I've to switch the light on to get a condom…"

You hide under the bed sheet.

When he switches the light off, you're suddenly afraid. His little brother is so big! When he enters you, your ass is hurting; but once inside, he feels so good, better than anything you've tried yourself.

Lesson # 30: After you've come the second time…

You have a quick shower. When you return, he says, "Can you stay for the night?"

What will your friend brothers say? but you feel tired and want to sleep in his hairy arms, close to his bear body…

"Do you have an alarm clock?"

Lesson # 31: In the morning…

Just after waking up, you always feel painfully hard. You need to have sex once more but you are afraid to be late for work… to go back to your room and change and get to the store with the bus will take two hours… You'd like him to suck you quickly…

"Take a taxi!"

… and put his hand where you hurt…

"It's not faster; I could take the Sky train…"

… while you swing around to be closer to his little brother…

"Can I leave these things here? We can meet again…"

… and start sucking him too…


His mouth feels so good…

"What time?"

… you hate to let his cock slip out of your mouth…

"Seven o'clock?"

You're about to come…


Stop talking please!

"In the lobby?"

Yes, wherever, just… ah! …


Lesson # 32: When he kisses you good-bye…

He wants to hand you several thousand-baht bills "for the taxi."

You don't take them. "I'm not a prostitute!"

"That's not what I mean… Could we be friends?"

Gifts don't hurt. "See you tonight, sawadee khap!"

Lesson # 33: At night, in the lobby of the Tarntawan Place…

You get stared at by his competition – Where did he pick you up? – and your competition – What club are you working in? – Why did you come here again? Idiot! You want him to fuck you once more and then you'll forget him. Let him go back to Australia and fuck his fat cook!

He invites you to the Bussaracum. You're first time in a high-class restaurant and feel shy, but he makes you order for him. He is spending too much. When the waiter has gone, you ask him, "What do you want from me?"

"I want you to be my friend."

"I'm not a prostitute."

The waiter brings the drinks. You want Rich to care for you, buy you shirts and pants and undress you, to be your daddy and kiss and suck you with his scratchy beard, to listen and tell you that you're beautiful, to help if you have problems and let you sleep in his hairy, muscular arms, your nose against his strong, hairy pectorals… How can you explain him that you are too poor to accept his gifts? Where can you hide the box of the phone? "I got it for two hundred baht in the night market." Your friend brothers will make fun of your "good luck".

Lesson # 34: He invites you to spend a weekend… a gay hotel on Koh Samui. You tell yourself that you don't care; the hotel staff must be gay too to work in a gay hotel. Still, it bothers you what they must be thinking. Every time he touches you in public, you tell yourself, "Just go on smiling until we're back in Bangkok and then forget him!" You'll ask your supervisor elder brother to transfer you to a different store; you don't want to meet Rich again.

He promises to look after you, to be your friend not just for sex. You don't believe him; you've learnt your lesson, you've seen what it means, you're not a prostitute.

Alone with him in the hotel room, he is ok. You like his voice, his strong, hairy body; it feels good to be close to him; you like to have sex with him. Why doesn't he care how much he embarrasses you in public? He must be thinking that you are no better than a bar boy.

He says he wants you to you finish school… Is he going to rent an apartment in Bangkok for you to live with him? You know how to cook (but he already has a cook), wash and clean… or does he want you to travel with him to Australia and live with him there? Is Jamie his friend? He says Jamie has his own restaurant… Did Rich buy it for Jamie? Rich must be rich! You'd like to stay with him in Australia because there, they're all like him, no friend or co-worker brothers and sisters would make fun of you.

All you worry about is your job… What if after a few weeks, he is fed up with you?

Lesson # 35: Cry!

When he leaves, he hands you enough money to live three months, and promises you to send more. He tells you to finish your school, but what if you give up your job, and he doesn't send you money?

"Thank you!"

Lesson # 36: When you send him the "I NEED ONE BILLION" SMS…

He replies, "ONE BILLION NOT HAVE" and calls you, "Why didn't you tell me on the phone? I thought we're friends? How much do you need?"

You need him to fuck you…

"One billion!"

… every night…

"Are one thousand dollars ok?"

… to touch his hairy body…

"It's too much, two hundred dollars is enough!"

… kiss his scratchy face…

"I'll send it tomorrow?"

You want him to push his tongue inside your mouth…

"When are you coming?"

 … lick and bite your nipples…

"I want you to come first!"

… suck you…

"Too late, I've already finished!"

When will he come back?

"I miss you!"

While Jamie is cooking!

"I miss you too…"

Every morning, just after waking up…


Where Else?

It is raining. Judy Garland is whining, you're sipping Pineapple juice and leaving through "Thai Guys" looking for what is not for sale: Love. You're waiting for Kob; you have to talk… After two years of loving (and supporting) him (and his family), you feel he owes you some answers.

You go and piss. You smile at Bee, watch Chai, look at Han, study Mak's haircut, Neung's shirt, Noi's trousers, Odd's shoes, Phet's socks, talk to Ti, Tom, Tu, and Tum, and wai to Vee. You read through The Nation and Bangkok Post; finally find little in Variety. Kob doesn't show up; who shows up instead is [You don't remember his name. – It's "Korn".] What you do remember is his number, 94; from an initially embarrassing, ultimately satisfying night in Boy Plaza – and the feeling of his cock in your ass. Korn sits down next to you, "Ça va, Teacup?"

You're too upset to answer. When you order another drink, you offer Korn one too. He smiles and says, "Yesterday, you?"

You guess that he means "tomorrow", and reply moodily, "Maybe".

Nong, another cute guy comes over and talks to Korn.

[If you would know Thai…

Nong: "Your fat Farang in 204 did it again."

Korn: "He called?"

Nong ("quotes"): ""I don't feel well…""

Korn (nodding towards you): "Is he alone?"

Nong: "Yes, good guy."

… but you don't.]

Korn turns to you and asks you, "Now, you?"

He takes your hand. You're in the lift and already horny. He's watching Thai TV, you're in the shower with a hard-on, He's in the shower and you're watching Thai TV, dripping pre-cum. You're on the bed, he's fucking you. After another shower, you doze half an hour, then have an early dinner in the garden of the Mango Tree. Korn seems to prefer eating to talking; his English isn't better than your Thai. Five minutes after "check bin", you're back in your room.

Korn shoves into you until your head bangs against the headboard and you come by yourself. The time it takes for both of you to shower, is enough for him to recharge. How much better it feels the second time! You fall asleep with the taste of his cum in your throat. When you wake up in the middle of the night, he breathes quietly, one arm around your shoulders. Until he leaves after breakfast, there is not one moment you feel that he is less than happy to be with you. When he says, "Ça va, Teacup!", you're about to ask him to stay.

At the Pool of Clark Hatch Fitness Center Thaniya Plaza

What went wrong with Kob? Roasting in the pollution-soiled Bangkok sun, deafened by the roar of traffic nine stories below, you try to come to grips with losing a lover you invested so much in, emotionally, financially; but while you think about Kob, you think about Korn. You have to turn onto your belly or your thoughts would show.

Didn't you buy Kob everything he desired? Didn't you pay for his parent's fields, house, his younger brothers and sisters' school fees? Didn't you give him a VISA card you had to cancel because he couldn't handle it? Why did you waste your time with a moody, pouting, girly boy who never did more for you than push back with his –Truth be told! – world class ass?

Staring into the pool, you calculate that with the money you gave to Kob, instead of spending three times two weeks in Thailand and having Kob once for a nerve-racking Christmas week in your home, you could have spent months with Korn, a guy who satisfies you, and if not, would let you move on to number 95 without breaking hearts.

Another Farang, whistling a Mozart theme, drops onto the deckchair next to yours, looks at your face, and asks, "Trouble with your boy?"


"Let me guess…" The Farang recounts you your last two years, from the moment Kob pulled you into the Golden Cock, saying, "I love you", until yesterday when he stood you up.

"How do you know?"

"That's how the Farang processing industry works. You arrive in Bangkok after years of too much work and no fun, a sexual life neither sexy nor lively, and here comes a beautiful, smiling boy, thirty years younger, takes your hand and tells you, "I love you". Great sex, two weeks of pure fun…"


"Next you drown the poor boy in Uncle Scrooge's money pool, and go out of your way to turn the funny, sexy guy into a serious goal-oriented adult, to give him a future as bleak as the life which was killing you before you met him."

"I tried to help him."

"Didn't he earn enough?"

"I don't know."

"Was he unhappy?"

"I wanted him to stop prostituting himself?"

"Did he tell you he wanted to stop?"

"I told him…"

"So what?"

"Should I write him a letter?"

"Send him a card for Songkran!"

"I want to explain him…"

"He must know what's good for him. What are you going to do tonight?"

"I thought I'd ask Nong to call Korn from The Boys Bangkok."

"Excellent idea, but I don't think he'll be free."

"How do you know?"

"Let's check!"

The Farang picks up his mobile and pushes two keys… a few words in Thai. "Sorry, already booked for the night! Do you want him to come over now?"

You nod.

"Ten minutes, khrap." He whistles another classic tune. Schubert? You don't know for sure and ask aloud, "Is true love possible with a Thai?"

"Do you want Korn to become your lover?"

"He doesn't understand English."

"That's why he is still such a nice guy after four years in a bar."

A few minutes later, Korn sits down on the edge of your deckchair, "Ça va, Teacup?"  He massages your shoulders, "Good, you?"

You close your eyes. You can't be more than happy, can you?


Congratulations! You’ve just found a Thai Boyfriend. Thai boyfriends are among the world’s most patient, polite and sexy. To ensure years of marital bliss with your new friend, please take a few minutes to read through this “Not an Owner’s Manual” before kissing him first time. You know how to push up a tight T-Shirt, and how to pull down too tight jeans, but do you know when to push, and when to pull? Do you know what to expect and what not from your new friend, and most important, what he expects from you?

The worst mistakes in marriages (and with our boyfriends) are the ones we make in the first twenty-four hours. One wrong word can kill the budding love. Tell your Thai boyfriend only what you like. If there is something you dislike, say nothing! WAIT! Say nothing! He is not a dog who needs to be told right away when he pissed on the floor (or your boyfriend all over the toilet seat). Wait a day or two, and then tell your boyfriend’s best friend that you often forget to spray water over the toilet seat before you sit down…” Thais are marvellously adept at taking hints because they HATE getting criticized. Even more they HATE getting criticized in front of others. Never do it! Excuses don’t work in Thailand. A money boy (but not a boyfriend) will pretend that your generosity (cash) made him forgive you. Forgiveness cannot be bought in Thailand, and is not earned quickly or easily.

Thais think everything Thai is (or should be) best. They also think that as a guest you should never ever criticize your hosts. Your boyfriend may freely criticize things Thai; you can criticize your own country, not his. Soon, you will find out that not all things Thai are good. Don’t tell it to your boyfriend. He has eyes too, but he doesn’t like to hear it from you, because as your host, he feels responsible for your happiness.

Thais are too polite to mutter “blah blah” like Bart Simpson, but they are not less quickly bored by words of wisdom dripping from a barstool! Thais like to give you the answer they assume you expect. Telling your boyfriend “to tell you what he really thinks”, will just make him try harder guessing what you want to hear. A polite Thai will pretend to know nothing his seniors don’t know and agree with whatever his seniors says.

 That your boyfriend likes a Farang doesn’t mean he wants to become one. He may love you, but the big “don'ts” from the Thailand travel guides still apply: Never discuss the Royal Family, monks, the Thai army, police, or mafia. Don’t hug or kiss your friend in public. Don’t touch his ass in the 7-11.  Don’t wear shorts or tank tops in town! Your friend wants you to look respectable, wealthy, successful, not stupid, drunk and broke. And don’t forget to cut your hair, and shave regularly… yes, down under too! Thailand is a paradise for the gentle, generous, calm, clean, sober, financially secure gay man, whatever his looks and age, who wants to settle down with a caring he-wife.

For the Farang new to Thailand, all Thais may look the same, but Lek isn’t more akin to Yai than Jim to Jack. A few Farangs are miserly, drunk lechers, and some Thais are prostitutes, but most are not. Buddhists believe that your present difficulties are the result of your own former actions. Thais consider bothering others with problems impolite and try to show the world a neutral, smiling face not creased by worries. About their real problems, Thais talk only with their friends-for-life. Thais don’t have much of an ear for the guy whining about his unfair destiny. In Thailand, instead of complaining, ask for help!

Love without the older, richer, more powerful patron looking after his younger protégé (and helping him to take care of his parents, the first duty of every Thai), simply is not real love for Thais. They don’t dream of equal partnership. What attraction can there be between equals? How to know who is the husband, who the wife? Working in a bar to support parents, siblings and children is more acceptable to Thais than foolish romantic love with a penniless, sunburnt, high school dropout, pretending to be an artist, who makes you forget your family and your social obligations.

Finally, your Thai boyfriend is your boyfriend, but he will never belong to you. He shares your bed, your toothpaste and your shower gel, but Thais are more cats than dogs. Your boyfriend will be faithful most probably, but socially, he needs his own circle of friends with whom he can gossip in Thai. Cage him and you’ll lose him. Don’t try to sit him down and tell him the rules. Don’t draw up a contract! Don’t talk about what The Deal is for you! Neither money nor shouting or beating will make him yours; you can only earn his love through your good works. Start Now!


Western common sense suggests that in an intergenerational love affair, the younger man will soon get bored with his old friend, and secretly look for greener pastures, i.e. younger, sexier men. In young Thai-old Farang relationships, this rarely seems to be the case. "Married" young gay Thai men relax from their stressful intercultural, intergenerational relationships playing darts and singing karaoke, not having sex. In fact, they complain that their older partners want too much sex.

A friend of a friend of mine, an athletic Thai gay queen in his early twenties, who "went inter"(national) and married a fifty-something Farang, continued to cook, wash and clean for his partner after that wretched partner had beaten him, kicked him out and brought home a new lover. While the old man wanted the young guy to pack and move, my friend's friend still felt obliged to take care of his older husband because for Thais, private unhappiness isn't sufficient reason to break up a marriage uniting two families and providing for the elderly.

Thais consider kathoeys (gay queens) "the second kind of women" and expect them to conform to the female role model. Our unhappy friend may look athletic, but inside he is a beaten wife who cannot understand that her husband kicked her out. The he-wife didn't complain about his husband's age, looks, unfaithfulness, or wife-beating habit. What hurt the smarting queen was that his Farang husband hadn't helped him to look after his family in Thailand. How could he go back now? Who would believe him that his wealthy-looking Farang had not even given him pocket money? He had married to support his brother and sister, to pay back his debt of gratitude to the monks who had educated him, and now found himself stranded in a foreign country, with a husband tired of him, no money, no working permit and scant knowledge of the local tongue. His husband suggested that a good-looking guy like him could earn money easily… What a shame! If not some good-hearted Thai friends would have asked him, "Gin laeo mai krab?" (Did you eat?), he would have died of hunger.


If you fall in love with a beautiful, lipsticked, powder-cheeked, smooth-assed Thai queen, please keep in mind that Thais with a rural and/or traditional background don't marry older Farangs for sex. They want a real marriage with all its social trim: Looking after parents and siblings, giving to monks, keeping a nice house, adopting children, dogs and cats, taking care of each other, marital fidelity, getting old together. In Thailand, love and sex are personal, individual, private, up to you. Marriage is grand family council and village headman stuff. Families are the bricks Thai society is built with. Teachers get dismissed for having extramarital affairs.

When Thais talk about "marriage" and "being your wife", they mean serious, exclusive, long-term relationships. If you think marrying a Thai gay queen fresh out of high-school will solve your sex, food and housekeeping problems, don't forget that your sweet, sexy he-wife expects you to live monogamous, provide social security for an extended family, give food and robes to the monks, and watch the TV channel your live-in father-in-law likes best.


A nose is a nose is a nose

Noses, they say, are a trustworthy guide to dick size. Take the Middle East: Who had the biggest nose, and who was the size-queen keeping it for himself on a harem carrier as if Saddam's cock were the Golden Fleece? If presidents are not immune to penis envy, then who wants to blame the guy with cock and balls the size of three newborn mice dreaming of a Ford Explorer sized tool that will draw crowds?

Penis Enlargement

Though your mailbox overflows with Penis Enlargement scams, no pill will increase your nose or penis length. A cosmetic surgeon, however, could lengthen and thicken your nose until you look like Elephant Man and lengthen and thicken your penis until you can star on your own monster cock website.

What about vacuum pumping? Done with moderation, pumping could give you that extra inch which would make your sex partners gag and vomit with delight. Could: Because moderation is not the pumper's virtue. First, he wants a bigger cock; second, a bigger pump. In the end, you get a thing the size of and with the sex appeal of a giant Texan toad. Kiss it, and it spits spunk. (Beware: Pumping does not increase spunk load.)

"So what?" You say, and imagine how you'll drop your boxers, and your twenty-incher will jump up and salute. What the pumpers, and even less the naturally gifted, do not tell you, is that in spite of those admiring sidewise glances in the company toilet, massive cocks are not the great asset they look.

Drawback one: My Cock and I

If you're gay or gay-friendly, a big cock may prove more popular than yourself. What could be worse for your ego, than to find out that the brilliant writer, the beautiful young actor, the fashionable intellectual you called your friends, are not your buddies but your cock's? That you were invited to beach houses and mountain cabins as your cock's congenitally united trick? That they were not making love with you, nor having sex with you: They were sucking your cock, or getting fucked by it, accepting willy-nilly that genetic engineering has not yet realized their dream: Your dick without you!

Drawback two: The joy of gay sex

While size queens believe that fire engines can drive into their petite asses, and experience proves them right, your lovers will tire of jaw cramps and busted back doors. You may well floor the suckers in gay steam baths; at home, your love life will lack most of the joys of gay sex. If you manage to find an orifice ready to accommodate your thing, – we talk deep throating and fisting here, – your cock's most sensitive part will get pushed into upper or lower ducts of the digestive tract devoid of erotic stimulation.

Drawback Three: The Bigger package

You may make hay in the company toilet, the steam bath, the dark room and in the clothes-free gay hotel. At the gay beach, hunks will unhinge their jaws to please you, but what if you venture outside the ghetto? In Speedos, you'll look like a mentally retarded shoplifter; in surf shorts, you'll be restricted to the most coy leg positions or your dick will take an indecent airing.

Drawback Four: the fashion addict

Ever shopped suits with a bodybuilder? Did you notice the bitter moment of truth when he got it that he trained seven times a week to look a yokel in a tuxedo? Same same for the "big" man: Jeans, no. Chinos, no. Italian suits, no. Harem pants, yes. Hip hugging pedal pushers, yes. Your basic wardrobe is reduced to pachuco pants and the oversized, scissored-off below the knees, jump suit bottoms you see porn stars arrive in on scene. Jobs recommended: Rap artist, drug dealer, porn star, steam bath attendant. Jobs not recommended: Every job involving wearing a uniform, suit, or casual clothing, or offering no cover for the occasional involuntary hard-on baguette in your lap.

Drawback five: Spandex & Speedos

Sports: Don't attempt cycling, jogging, gymnastics, competition swimming, figure skating, free climbing, wrestling, aerobics, weightlifting, and other sports that require spandex, Speedos or where your shlong will either get in the way or attract obscene comments.

Drawback Six: to stand or to sit?

The worst part of living attached to a monster cock is that American Standard doesn't give a damn for you. Standing up, you'll have enough problems hitting the awkwardly close placed mark. Sitting down, you either let your cock hang from the rim of the seat in front of you – and nine times out of ten end up pissing on your own shoes, – or let it hang into the cold and soon feces-contaminated water, – and with a bit of ill luck have your cock sucked into the drain. Now, if that's not bad enough, try the same in a plane!

Consolation Prize: Value 15 cents!

You'll never have to shop for a replacement plug for your bidet!


Translated by Martin Frank

My maternal uncle lives next door. He is about thirty-two years old, very good-looking, big tight muscles, white skin. Handsome, isn’t he?

I’m in sixth grade high school in Bangkok. One day, I was at home studying a book for a test. Nobody else was at home. That day, my maternal uncle didn’t go to work. He was at home alone, sitting in front of their house wearing only a towel. I slipped out of our house to chat with him. His body looked very sexy.

I: “Don’t you go to work?”

He: “Not today!”

I pretended to water the plants. He came and invited me: “Nobody is at home. Let’s watch a porn video together!”

I: “OK!”

We went inside to his room. He started the porn video. I thought it would be a hetero video but it was homo.

I: “Uncle, are you gay?”

He: “Yes! You’re gay too, aren’t you?”

How did he know?

We watched the porn video together for some time. Stealthily, I looked at him. There was a big bulge in his towel from his cock standing up. He turned to me and said: “I’d like to suck you.”

I: “I’d like it too.”

He: “In that case, take off your trousers, please!”

I took off my trousers, leaving the underwear on.

He: “Why don’t you take off all?”

I: “You first, please!”

He removed his towel. His cock was very long and very, very thick.

I: “Uncle, you’re fucking big, really!”

He: “Please, let me take off your underwear!”

I let him. He gently held me and laid me down. He licked my nipples while he pulled off my underwear. He then said: “You’re big too!”

He took it into his mouth, the whole stick, and then said: “Please, turn over!”

He guided his cock into my ass. Alternately, he pushed strong and pushed lightly. That feels good, doesn’t it?

I said to him: “Stop a moment, please! I’ll come too soon. That’s no fun. Really, I want you to lie down.”

He opened his legs. I guided my cock into his ass. I went in more. He pushed upwards. That felt very good! He sniffed my underwear and cried: “Oh!... Shit!... Oh!... Ah!... What a sugar cane!”

We had great fun. He sucked my cock while I sucked his. He then masturbated himself while he sucked me until we came both together.

We had more fun. I masturbated our two cocks to make us come a second time. Suddenly, he screamed, “Oh!... I’m coming!... Oh!... Shit!” and his cum shot out. We went to the shower together where I let him fuck me once more until we came again. That day, we had a lot of fun.


Translated by Martin Frank

I'm Pond. I work far from home. Sometime, I wake up late and, to avoid problems with my boss who hates when I'm not on time, I use the motorcycle taxis in my street. I never looked at them, until one day, the motorcycle taxi in the queue to serve me was a cute boy, dark faced, but smart. He looked very young. Maybe I had seen the fellow before, without noticing him, but that day he was wearing very tight shorts and I could see something thick, swollen between his legs that made me stare. He had strong legs with big muscles, covered with short, beautiful hairs. I sat down behind him without discussing the price and told him, “Go to Sathorn Road!”

He drove very fast. I pretended to be scared and held onto his waist tightly, not below because I was scared he would kick me.

When the motorcycle stopped at a traffic light, he asked me, “Are you afraid?”

“Of course, boy! I think I'm sitting on a rocket.”

He laughed and this made me comfortable. He continued driving. I put my hand on his leg. When he turned, he had to stretch his leg and I could feel the strength of his muscles.


Days later, I walked home at night because there were too many people queuing for the motor cycle taxis. I had walked some distance, when a motorcycle stopped. It was him. He invited me to sit on his bike and drove me home. I wanted to pay him but he said, “Last time, you gave me too much. I didn’t give you a discount, today is free.”

He wore the same shorts. The crotch that I’ve stared at looked swollen like “hormok” (a dish with rice and meat wrapped in a banana leaf). I could see his right and left ball. I wanted to touch it. I saw that he knew; but he didn’t say anything.


Later that night, I felt hungry, so I rode my bicycle to the noodle shop. That boy was eating noodles there. What a coincidence! I sat next to him and talked with him. His name is Tong. Just arrived from Udon Thani province. Just finished High school there. Came to Bangkok to find a job but couldn’t find one. While he is looking for a job, he’s driving a motorcycle taxi.

I looked at him during the conversation. Very white teeth. Nice face with a tough guy chin. He wore a tank top showcasing his muscular chest. Tan, smooth skin. When we were full, I paid for his noodles. He offered to take me home. When he stood up, again he wore very tight shorts. I asked him jokingly, “Don’t you have any bigger shorts?”

“I’ll buy new ones when I get more money.”

What a pity that would be! I liked how these too tight ones showed off his crotch!


At my house, I invited him inside, telling him, “I’m going to give you some shorts.”

I made him sit down. To make him horny, I gave him a porn magazine to read. While I pretended to look for some old shorts of mine, I observed him secretly. He was engrossed in the magazine. His legs got closer to each other; his crotch was swelling. It looked like he was wearing no underwear. I could see his dick getting hard. He pushed it down and kept his right hand inside his shorts, massaging gently. I sat down opposite to him. He covered his crotch immediately with the porn magazine. He was shy. I asked him, “Would you like to try something?” He said, “Since I was born, I’ve never seen a woman‘s thing, why do I get hard?”

I took the magazine from his hands. I could see the head of his stiff dick pushing out at the top of his shorts. I pulled off his shorts. The shorts were old and the elastic totally lose, they came off easily.

His dick was huge, hard and straight. Thick, upright. Topped by a missile head half out of the foreskin. Red and suckworthy. Clear pre-cum overflowing. Beautiful! It turned me on extremely. I grabbed it at once. I bent down, hesitating over its head. Should I or not? I burrowed with my tongue. Sniffed his teenage boy smell (and stink of pee from the head of his cock).

He tried to push my head back, "Don't!"

But I didn't stop.

He groaned, "I get so hot. I wake up with a hard-on and have to wank before five in the morning."

I clutched his cock and pulled the skin back some, then all the way. I moved my head up and down skillfully. Nong Tong struggled, shoved and bounced, pushing his cock into my mouth. I sucked him quickly and powerfully until he filled my mouth with his fishy love juice spilling over. I had a full meal.

Who would not have got enough!

Not I! I wanted more! I wasn't yet full. I didn't let his cock go. I kept sucking and licking. Didn't stop though he fell asleep, sprawled out. I caressed his boy balls, in itself big enough to charm me. Licked them until his cock was rising again. I touched it; he got hard and ready. I sat down on his cock. Pushed down all the way. I moved my body up and down. Nong Tong pushed up and pulled me down on his cock.

When I got tired, I lay down and made him hold my legs. He tore into me. Rocked me. He knew how to do it. Non-stop. His balls were slapping against my butt. He groaned, "Be my women; you're so tight!" I did my best to receive him while I masturbated my own hard cock. I came first, then he pushed into me and I felt his hot juice gushing into my hole.

He sighed, "Ah! Your ass is strangling me!"

From that day on, Nong Tong often slept at my house. I ate his vitamins many more times. Boy, what cock! Big, very big!