Maria Lauber - I would like

Among Swiss poets (artists who write poems) Maria Lauber is the one whom I admire most. She wrote in a language she herself called Frutigtütsch which is so different from most of Swiss German that it could be considered another language. Different grammar, different vocabulary... like Catalan to Castilian, or Spanish to Portuguese.

Swiss poetess Maria Lauber in traditional dress

Wellti gäre. . .

Mues a d'Arbiit, das ig ds Zinsi
zäme han u bringe cha.
Wellti iinischt win di andre
og es iigets Hüsli ha.

Han es Gitzi, han es Schäfi,
cha si hie i ds Grüena la.
Wellti gäre wien der Nachbur
og esmal es Chueli ha.

I would like

Must go to the work that I the (little) rent
can get together and bring.
Would like once like the others
have my own (little) house.

Have a (little) goat, have a (little) sheep,
can let them out here into the green.
Would like like the neighbour
also once have a (little) cow.

(little): In Frutigtütsch changing the gender to neuter and ending the word in -i creates a diminutive.