About Me

Martin Frank self-portrait

I write novels, stories, poems, magazine articles, film scripts and plays. I write what I want to read myself. If you happen to have the same taste... Welcome to our world!

I write in Swiss German, English and the Swiss form of written German. In my head I think (when I think) probably half of the time in Swiss German and half of the time in (broken) English.

Writers I like in the order when I started to like them:

  • Fritz Mühlenweg
  • Hans Henny Jahnn
  • Jean Genet
  • William Burroughs
  • Elsa Morante
  • William Shakespeare
  • Marcel Proust
  • Mirza Muhammad Hadi Ruswa
  • Robert Irwin
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Saint-Simon
  • Henri-Frédéric Amiel